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List of available domains

Provides list of available domains for users' account with BetInspect
Compare two domains

This tool compares two domains by title, keyword and description giving an instant snapshot of both competitor’s and potential partner’s focus in terms of web messaging, keywords, page rank and key markets.
History of usage

See detailed information on the geographical breakdown of web traffic to your competitor’s and partner’s web sites.
Phrase popularity

The market penetration tool is ideal for companies interested in targeting new markets. For example, if a company is interested in poker and developing Austrian market presence - by inserting key phrases such as poker or poker bonus and selecting country Austria, the user will get a list of sites which relate directly to poker and are visited from Austria in highest percentage visit first. There are two modes of search - Simple search and Deep search. Simple search provides a list of sites which invest more time and effort in SEO to be highly ranked in Search engines - such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ... Deep search provides list of sites which are related to inserted key phrases but it is not their main goal.
Indexed pages for selected advertiser

This page is part of the Phrase popularity tool. When the user gets a list of advertisers - by clicking Show pages this page presents which pages from a selected advertiser are being highly ranked on search engines
The most visited sites per country

This tool is similar to the Phrase popularity. By selecting a country, the user is getting a list of sites which are highly visited from the same country. These sites are also potential places for users' adverts/banners. Please note that this product can obtain any online intelligence for any industry, hence it is not limited to iGaming industry.
Compare affiliate lists

The link comparison tool enables the quick and effective identification of powerful affiliate partners to work with in any market. It identifies the inbound links to any web-site, including all your key competitors.
Best locations for adverts

This tool provides instant access to the most influential traffic driving web sites used by competitors.
Details for one domain

On this page is listed all details about selected domain.
Direct links for selected domain

This tool provides the best ranked links to selected iGaming company.
Affiliate links for selected domain

This tool provides a collected list of affiliates for selected iGaming company.